Altar Show
It's time to #ThinkIn3D

Altar Show is a collaborative Virtual Reality productivity tool, built for spatial thinking

2D spatial relationships are tried and true for productivity

Tools like notecards, whiteboards, and mindmapping have been used for years to aid information retention and understand complex ideas

Altar Show is bringing spatial thinking to the third dimension

It is the most fun and intuitive digital productivity experience you’ve ever had, courtesy of VR

The tools that help you #ThinkIn3D...

Our patent-pending Bubbles and Relations are organizational structures you can pick up, move around, and go inside of. They’re built so you can take your complex thoughts out of your head and make them physical – so that you can hold a thought in your hand.

Use Altar Show to brainstorm, take notes, build a memory palace, plan and execute a project, create an explorable presentation, [your productivity task here], and have a blast while doing it. With our collaboration features, you can do all of this with your team!

Go Social

You and your remote team just have to put on your virtual reality headsets, and then you're next to one another in a shared virtual space. You feel connected to one another, and you're freed from those pesky external distractions that break focus...

Go Spatial

...then together, using Bubbles, Relations, 3D Sketching, and more, you utilize your powerful spatial cognition to express and communicate ideas in a natural, intuitive, and interactive way you've never been able to before. You get to #ThinkIn3D.

Interested in Early Access to Altar Show? Let us know, and we'll reach out right away!